8 11 2010

Has anyone seen the movie Cast Away? You know, with Tom Hanks? In a nutshell, he gets marooned on a desert island for several years while the woman he loves runs off and marries a dentist named Spaulding.

I watched the episode of “The Buried Life” and saw the four dudes – I don’t know their names – maroon themselves on a deserted island so they could check “escape from a desert island” off their bucket list. I enjoyed this immensely. Not only do I love the concept of the show – each episode a new way of attacking life and getting the most you can out of it – but the characters were interesting and amusing to watch. I do believe that they are making a difference in their own lives and the lives of those involved in their show, because crossing off things from your bucket list is something everyone should do in order to feel more fulfilled with their lifestyle. However, I was turned off by the surreal nature of the episode, especially towards the end – No one escapes a desert island! It’s mathmatically impossible, and the chances of them being rescued by a random fishing vessel was unbelievable and predicable.

So this suspension of belief took away from the meaning of the show, and I had trouble getting over it. however, I like the idea of making a bucket list and stopping at nothing to fulfill it, if you have the means (and cameramen) to do so.




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